ShareKayak: Paddle for a cleaner future!

ShareKayak mission is to create a positive social and sustainable impact on local beaches by initiating local beach cleaning activities and offering free kayaks /SUP to volunteers at the same time, we will be measuring our impact on local beaches in terms of plastic pollution.
More than 5 billion kilograms of plastic pollution ends up in our ocean every year and a big part of this pollution flows into our oceans via lakes/rivers. Local Lakes is not only home to many species of birds, fish and other wildlife but also we can connect to nature by taking a swim/meditating or spending quality time paddling.
ShareKayak aims to raise awareness about plastic pollution and remove plastic from water by running a cleanliness initiative and offering free kayaks/sup so beachgoers not only clean the local lakes but also spend quality time in nature as well as do some physical workouts.

Follow Share Kayak on social media to find out when the next event will be! At the event, all volunteers will rent kayak/SUP for FREE if they are picking plastic and/or other trash from local lakes.
Be a part of this movement by attending this event and downloading the ShareKayak app so you may see the availability of kayaks/SUP on a map as well as in the future, you will get a personalized voucher code based on your performance if you are picking more trash/plastic from the local lake then you will get more free paddling hours.
Join the movement and clean our local lakes/rivers. Together we will make a positive impact on our environment #climateaction

ShareKayak is an international marketplace where locals can start their self-service kayak /sup station. We are in Sweden, USA, Lithuania, Germany and Australia, more stations will be launched in Norway, Finland and Denmark with the collaboration of locals.

We are looking for partners who can be part of our movement and promote our plastic-free ocean initiative in their organizations, communities and region.

We have got permission in 20 municipalities in Sweden, we will launch our stations at 40 different beaches. We have onboarded 10 franchises and they will be part of this initiative. We are looking for corporates, organisations, NGOs to be part of the next event so we all together create a sustainable impact on our local beaches.

Be a part of the movement by filling the following form :

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