About us

Sharekayak, a fast-growing branch of the tech-oriented startup TheIshare, aims to empower micro-entrepreneurs to start their own self-service station. Born in 2021, the company makes paddling simple, safe, and accessible 24/7, to everyone, with its state-of-the-art technology. Sharekayak is on a mission to digitize water sports and create new earning opportunities. By developing self-service rental it empowers both users and businesses while making services more intuitive and their lives easier. Founded by the serial entrepreneur Junaid Joosani, Sharekayak enters the crossroads of its values which are: empowering the local people, reusing resources, and having a positive impact on the environment. Based on the technology he developed with TheIshare, Sharekayak was born out of the frustration of his friends who loved kayaking but could not keep the kayaks in their small flats or even drag them to local lakes. Seeking to bring fun back into the lives of his friends, the entrepreneur used its technology to make the kayaks accessible at any time, ready to take on water.

We Are making Kayaking fun


Make kayaking accessible to everyone and contribute towards zero-emission mobility.


Building a sharing community of water sports and empowering local entrepreneurs


Shared feeling of community, Sustainability, Innovation
Shared feeling of community: We want to give chances to local entrepreneurs to participate in our sustainable business, improving their lifestyle, spending quality time in nature while unleashing their revenues.
Sustainability: Everything we provide must have a positive impact on the environment. We believe in a better use of resources, to have a positive impact on the society overall.
Innovation: We are always looking for more innovative ways to be agile, reducing complexity and improving our business.

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