Anyone can start self service kayak stations by following Three steps.


Find the location.
Talk to local municipality for permission.

Assemble Self service rental station

Create a rental package e.g. price per hour/per day /monthly membership )

Step # 1

Buy a shelf for putting kayaks/SUP. You may need two or three depends on size of Kayaks/SUP.

Step # 2

Buy: TheiShare Kayak Locks  (Secret sauce ) 

Locks are shipped all over the world.


Step # 3

Buy kayaks/SUP from amazon, aliababa etc. It costs between 75-150 USD /kayak/SUP+ shipment.

Step # 4

Palce Station on lake and connect Kayak(s) with locks 


Step # 5

  • Upgrade your subscription in app.
  • Connect your payment account.
  • Create a different rental Package (e.g. per hour, per day, per month etc)

Congratz ! , your self service kayak rental business is live 🙂 

Additional service

Rent out Paddles and Life jackets.

Order locker

Order TheiShare Lockers Lock

Buy: Lockers Lock

Users can use the same locker for putting their valuables in safe place , when they are paddling. 

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