Sally Nord

Sally Nord

A Swedish girl who is tired of working for others and wants to start something that is highly scalable with zero upfront investment.

She was closely watching our pilot last year and she was very curious about it so this year, she started her own entrepreneurial journey with us <3.

We talked to Sally last week.

Why did Sally choose us?

  • Sustainability: she is an advocate of sustainability. She thinks it is a smart idea to rent things instantly instead of owing them. As water sports equipment can only be used at beaches only so it was very logical for her to start with self-service kayak stations.
  • Business model: Our business model allows entrepreneurs to lease a station instead of owning it. It was one of the key reasons she chose us as we didnt ask her huge amount upfront. She firmly believes that many micro-entrepreneurs would love to join us as they can start their own business with zero upfront investment.
  • Simplicity: For consumers, they simply need to scan the QR Code and pay only and she likes that concept as no one has time to pre-book kayaks especially when they are on the beach and having fun with friends.
  • Sense of ownership: She owns the self-service station now, she can set her own price and consumers are paying directly to her. Sally said Your platform is pretty like Shopify but for instant rentals I can get ishare locks and attach my physical object and start renting out to others. She lives in the countryside (nysnshamn ), and she was thinking of starting instant rentals for gardening tools.
  • Marketing Features: features like coupon code and pludda are really cool and it increases customer retention and brand loyalty.
  • Long-term collaboration/Full-time on instant rental: She becomes more interested as she can do other types of self-service rentals in autumn e.g. self-service rentals for cleaning equipment, power tools, and sports equipment boxes at local sports fields.

Everyone is very welcome to visit her self-service kayak rental station at hkarangsbadet, Stockholm.

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