Josefin Babar

She is running her own cafe at Mllebadet Salem municipality Stockholm, we got her in contact as the municipality referred us to talk to her for potential collaboration.

Why did she choose us?

Mindfulness: She is a big fan of mindfulness, when she heard that we are promoting SUP meditation and she showed big interest to be part of that concept so she can promote her meditation lessons to others.

Self-service is the future: She was looking for a self-service rental concept for a very long time and she contacted some of our competitors but our competitors are more interested in selling inventory rather than a sustainable concept. She is ready to sign up for a self-service purchase concept so she can put these boxes( in order to sell lunches) in strategic locations as she has been running her own catering business.

Business model: Leasing assets and 25% per transaction as she is not investing anything upfront.

Her station will be live on June 02 at mllebadet Salem. You may see her in our SUP meditation videos.

Our Analysis

We have two customer segments where we have found an ideal product-market fit.

Micro entrepreneurs :

They are really motivated individuals but they have no money to start their own business and they have been looking for a self-service concept so they start this as a side hustle and it takes off then they work on this on a full-time basis. All our micro-entrepreneurs have shown strong interest to work on a full-time basis on the self-service rental concept. They can start self-service rental concepts in housing societies too. I personally believe that if we want to create social impact then we should really focus on this category. They may be a big catalyst in order to bring our vision to reality.

Why are they choosing over our competitors?

Our competitors are more inclined towards selling their inventory to them while we are more interested in selling our services where they can lease stations instead of owning one.

We have been working on the scan-rent and pay concept while all of our competitors are offering booking-based rental concepts, where consumers need to book prior.

Housing societies

If housing societies are interested in digitizing their physical assets in order to promote the reuse of existing resources among residents, they are our ideal customers as they will be buying locks and platforms and offering different types of services to their residents.

Why are they choosing us over competitors?

We are cheaper and offer a wide range of services at the same price, as our platform is an asset agnostic.

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