Daniella Abrarzua

Daniella Abrarzua

Daniella is a Swedish girl and she wants to start her entrepreneurial journey. She has been working full-time as an employee and she thinks it is time to start something small that creates a positive impact on society.

Why did she choose us?

Sustainability: She thinks, that due to high inflation, families are having limited purchasing power. If she can offer different types of items on instant rentals, it will create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Simplicity: She said it seems, a self-service rental business run itself, we need to pick the right audience and right product her comment really validated with self-service kayak rentals, it is running on its own. She really likes the scan-rent and pays concept. No prior bookings, no commitments.

Business model: She really likes the leasing concept, there is no upfront investment and if things are going in the right direction then scale it up more rapidly, she has plans to start this business full-time and offer different types of rentals.

Her self-service kayak stations will be placed at Haninge upon the approval of polis permission.

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