Cristian David

Cristian David

Cristian David

A Chilean entrepreneur in the real estate business, he has been working on property management and renovation in Sweden and Spain. He wants to start something which generates money when he is having parties

Why did Cristian choose us?

He has been looking into the self-service concept for a long time.

Simplicity: There are no If and else types of rules compared to other companies in Sweden.

Sense of ownership: He feels very excited when others pay him directly for rentals and he thinks he is working for himself NOT for others.

Launch in Spain: He is trying this concept in Sweden this year and he is very interested in promoting this concept in Spain. He is more interested in starting instant rentals for different types of assets in Spanish tourist areas. He will work more closely with hotels there.

Business model: He also likes leasing concepts as he can do more business with less upfront investment.

His self-service stations are located in Nacka.

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